Saturday, September 27, 2008

Diana Cherbuliez (Melissa'a Pick)

In art the choice of material is very important, some of the previous posts have shown this. Diana Cherbuliez is an artist who is fascinated with the choice of material and incorporates it into her work.

This piece is called "The End" and deals with infinity and death. It is made up of cigarette butts, glass and a beehive frame. Cherbuliez references her father(Who is a psychiatrist and a beekeeper) with the frame and her own bad habit of cigarettes and the cycle of bees, as well as the neverending cycle of death and labor in both. This interview talks more about this work and a few others.

What I like about Cherbuliez's work is the tediousness of her pieces and the intellect that fuels them. In this piece(above), titled "The Road to Good Intentions ", Cherbuliez uses matches and a mirror to complete a full image of a continuous bridge.

Cherbuliez has a number of works which uses mirrors. In "Not through" a young Alice is reflected infinitely with the use of a few mirrors, which reminds me of Josiah McElheny's Mirrored Glass Works. Diana also talks about this work in the interview, and says that "'Not Through' relates to my thinking about my lack of flexibility with imagination. I think that happened with puberty because with puberty I got a certain self-conciousness."

Diana Cherbuliez's website.


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audrey said...

In the interview Cherbuliez talks about the importance of using man-made objects in her work, but she still uses items that have the potential to decay, like the cigarette butts, so she chooses to freeze them. If you are using mixed media in sculpture for your project, do you intend to use all man-made objects, or work from nature as well? Andy Goldsworthy would of course be a good source to look at in that case, or consider combining natural and artificial elements for different effects.