Monday, December 8, 2008

Kurt Wenner (Chris's Pick)

For this week I choose another artist who does sidewalk art. But it is not his sidewalk art that interested me. He also does paintings, architecture, and design; all of which are influenced by the Renaissance period. His ornamentation deals a great deal with perspective and illusion. He takes the sidewalk perspective art to another level by using numerous panels. He uses illusion and original designs to create everything from advertisements to murals.

He had one work in particular that caught my eye and that work alone made me choose him as my artist pick for this section. These two images show the ideal piece that I am trying to create. His ability to line up the perspectival lines fascinates me. The first image shows each panel of his box when laid out flat and the second image shows them when assembled together.

The next piece by him that interested me was his painting of St. George's Church. He painted an arched ceiling on a flat ceiling; another illusion that I am trying to create.

This website has some absolutely ridiculously amazing pieces.
Definitely worth checking out.

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