Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mark Grieve (Sophie's pick)

Mark Grieve is an awesome artist who did a lot of sculptures in the Black Rock Desert. He makes a lot of sculptures that connect to themes such as pollution and alternative transportations and he likes to create places that hold dreams, future, or remind us of people we have lost. He made a piece called Wheel arch which is made of recycled bikes that will be made into new ones for children. This piece is to support recycling, make aware of the alternative ways of transportation and it is supposed to be an experience to walk through it. It was made of 400 wheels and is 18 feet tall. It was made in 2008 over the California Street Plaza in Venture. 
Then there is the Temple of Dreams, which is a pink city, made in 2005 in the Black Rock Desert. It stood for two weeks and then was burned down. It cost $32,000. It is just so pretty when it stands and when it burns down! 
Another one is the Temple of Hope, also called Sand City. Which is supposed to take you to an unknown place. It was up for two weeks and then burned down. It was made in the Black Rick Desert in 2006. It cost $50,000. It just looks like out of a movie and when it burns it is just so beautiful! I love his work. 

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