Friday, November 14, 2008

Flora Hanijito(Melissa's Pick)

Flora Hanijito is a photographer based out of New York, originally from Montreal. Her photos speak about isolation and depression. She captures those small moments when the subject is alone and really feels that way.

Her use of color is dark and helps feed the feel of heaviness to her photos. They are muddy and muted, not vibrant. I also really enjoy the lighting of her subjects. She has good control and use of the elements (color, lighting, exposure) of photography to create cohesive photographs.
Her use of diptychs and triptychs is also interesting and refreshing. Instead of being flooded with them, they exist occasionally as they are needed. In other words, she doesn't force a series of them, it seems as if the work choses to become a diptych or triptych itself.

I really recommend taking a few minutes and seeing her other photos. Her use of the figure is sometimes overdone, but her photos are worth it.

Flora At Dossier Journal:

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Nicole Rejwan said...

These Photographs are really beautiful.