Monday, October 20, 2008

Daniel Johnston (Cory's Pick)
Daniel Johnston is an American artist and songwriter. He makes drawings that are full of symbolism, he uses imagery from comic books and religious references. His work is often self-referential and he repeatedly shows the same subjects, like angels and Captain America and the devil. His work is deeply personal, it often reflects Daniel's struggles with being bipolar.
Daniel is better known for his music, but he makes really awesome cartoons. He mostly does simple line drawings on 8.5x11 paper, but he does some larger stuff too. His work is more honestly personal than anything else I've seen lately, it makes Tracy Emin's work seem contrived.

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Scott said...

This stuff is really cool. His style is deceptively simple and kinda visceral. It reminds me of the cartoons found in punk mags in the 70's. His use of basic drawing materials (8.5x11 paper and what looks like ink), is a really cool statement in itself, especially in the day and age where so much is done on the computer or with specialty materials.