Friday, October 17, 2008

Federico Erra (Janna's Pick)

Federico Erra is a young Italian photographer. He primarily takes photos of somewhat unusual yet beautiful models, as well as doing self-portraits. Many of his photos feature his favorite model Sarah whose face is covered in freckles. He also has a series called Sex and Psychology. Like Nicole's pick of John Coplans, the series features some nude self-portraits, although they are not about aging, but instead exploring his sexuality. Erra says he is inspired by Diane Arbus.

I love Erra's photos because they are dreamy and romantic, yet edgy. He often invokes a retro feel and has an excellent sense of color and light. There is a real sensitivity to his work.

Federico Erra's Flickr page
His JPGMagazine page
A slideshow of some of his work


Rachel Slater said...

These photographs are really beautiful. I love the way they apprpoach the viewer in a head-on almost intrusive way. They kind of remind me of a Dolce & Gabbana ad with the hyper focus on light in conjunction with the over-sexualized imagery. Do you know if these photgraphs are taken digitally or not?

Kate said...

I love these as well. Erra's use of color is spectacular, especially whereas he's using color/light in a way that is usually associated with more dated images...while they have a vintage feel, his subject matter is timeless. I also like that there's an implicit innocence to these even though he's often portraying sexualized images. He blends seemingly disparate elements really well.

Janna said...

Slater, yes they are digital photos.