Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Peter Konig (Emily's Pick)

Peter Konig has been a sculptor and concept artist for movies, video games, animation studios, World of Warcraft miniature figurines... pretty much anything and everything. He has worked on over 30 feature films and contributed to over 50 video games. Of these were Starship Troopers, Evolution, Blade II, and he even created the model and design for the Sean-Connery-voiced dragon in the Dragonheart movie, which would have won my heart alone. But there's more: Peter is an active member over on www.conceptart.org, where I found him, and his sculpting tutorials are beyond compare. (Said tutorial lives here.)

Mr. Konig seems primarily to be a commercial artist, and to be honest, I haven't had any luck finding an "artist statement" of his anywhere on the web. However, his "stream of thought", mixed media sculptures have a unique quality to them that doesn't bear the impression of any employer. They have a nightmarish quality to them that sings of bandages and insects in a way that makes you uncomfortable while still appealing to aesthetics. The rabbit guy above is an example of these sculptures and more can be seen here.

Konig's work provides a contrast to John Copelans' (Nicole's Pick) startlingly real and authentic photography. Where Copelans engages the viewer through the actual and human, Konig works in a fantasy, creating and destroying as he sees fit. Konig's creatures all show what could never be while Copelans reminds us of what is.

Peter's most recent blog.
See a short video showing Peter sculpting a maquette.

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