Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Discussion Artists: Tracy Emin, Rudolf Stingel, Josiah McElheny

Tracy Emin
"For me, being an artist isn't just bout mkaing nice things or people patting you on your back; it's some kind of communication, a message."


Rudolf Stingel

"All work is autobiographical, so, that's why I decided to just paint myself, instead of trying to come up with all kinds of wonderful ways to show myself...there's a big tradition of portraits, and lots of self-portraits too; each artist did it. This is very different than everything that I have done before. I'm nearly fifty now, and I turn around 180 degrees and show the other side...On top of that, it also tells a story. It's not just a classic self-portrait, with a neutral background, it's a pose; it's taken out of my life...I just want to go back to a more psychological platform, if you want; reconnecting because of my age and everything to my origins, somehow. It also seemed to me to be the bravest thing I could do".


Josiah McElheny
"If you actually read Adolf Loos’ 'Ornament and Crime'’s where this whole Mies van der Rohe idea of ‘less is more’ comes from. It’s about making the world white in some way. It says, really directly, that primitive people are the people who decorate, and that the natural course of progress in man is to remove this decorative impulse from our psyche, and that if you provided, quote-unquote, primitive people with the opportunity not to ornament their bodies...they ultimately would want to do that- which is a really strange idea. I think all of it is very colonialist and racist and sexist and fascistic."

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