Wednesday, October 29, 2008

David Armstrong (Eliza's Pick)

The late David Armstrong is a watercolor artist who creates realist paintings of his surroundings.
David Armstrong's work attempts to portray beauty through commonplace subjects. He believes the best statements of beauty are simple ones and thus he painted the things he saw on a day to day basis which were most often landscapes.

"My work attempts to present my vision of beauty through ordinary elements of the commonplace. I believe great works of art are not achieved through complicated statements, but rather simple ones, which allow painter and viewer alike to see beneath the surface, to question, and in our individual ways, to attempt an answer to the question of how we integrate our human needs with the natural world. In my pictures I attempt to feel -- a sense of time and place -- a moment of light, movement, and mood reflective of the world around me. In essence, my paintings reflect specific times and emotions of my life."

I enjoy his work because of his use of color and his ability to take something very simple and make it beautiful. His brushwork is meticulous in creating a seamless image which viewers can easily believe in.

I believe David Armstrong's work most closely relates to Audrey's pick for this week, George Shaw, as both artists paint the things they have seen day to day in their life. While Shaw focuses on memories of childhood, David Armstrong's work focused on different moments, times, and feelings throughout his life.

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