Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sol Lewitt (Jess' Pick)

Sol Lewitt is an artist who is mainly linked to the conceptual and minimalist movements. His work is very simple, which is why I see a definite link between his work and Don Hertzfeld's. Hertfeld's cartoons are very simple in their graphics, but they certainly do not lack in content. Using stick figures he creates hilarious story lines which could be read into in quite a few ways.

Sol Lewitt also creates very simple looking art which is very conceptual (hence the minimalist and conceptual influences). He is the main artist I am following these days due to his studies of white spheres and cubes. It was a grid of his sphere studies that pointed me towards trying that out before working with a more complex object. He is also known for his geometric sculptures and installations which are equally simple and yet very interesting. I remember when I first learned about him in an art history class last year, it was the sort of art that I thought any old person in the world could make... because it seemed so bland. But upon further exploration, I learned that his work is far from ordinary because it does pack so much meaning if you only take the time to notice it. In this way, I think my work is drastically different from Sol Lewitt's, because I have no intention of having social meaning behind my photographs. I plan to make work that in simply about aesthetics, sensuality and formal lighting.

I really like this artist because of his brilliant use of simple geometric shapes in both his photography and sculpture. It is also very refreshing to see such formal works that still have lots of depth, and make you think.

I would have LOVED to post pictures, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to make that happen... so if you go to these links you'll see some AWESOME examples of his work! (or just GOOGLE: SOL LEWITT PHOTOGRAPHY)

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Cory said...

I don't know much about him, but I like the work I've seen. I really like his emphasis on the "why" rather than the "how". I think that is becoming very important in our commercialized world.