Friday, October 17, 2008

Oliver Herring (Melissa's Pick)

I have chosen Oliver Herring as my artist for this week. Some of his more recent work(2005) is a combination of photography and sculpture. Herring takes a model, who is the majority of the time a stranger, and photographs them from all angles. He then creates a styrofoam sculpture and collages pieces of the photographs onto the styrofoam, recreating the model. In doing this Herring is taking a 2D material and turning it into a 3D object. This reminds me of Chris' pick a few weeks ago, Julian Beever. While Beever's work still remains in the 2D form, it certainly is transcending it's 2D limitations in creating the illusion of being 3D.
I really enjoy the detail of this work. I find it a very unique and transcending way to work with photography and collage as mediums.

Herring on Art21
Profile on Max Protetch Gallery Website
Art21 YouTube Video


Cory said...

This is really cool. I can tell that I am only able to appreciate a small part of the awesomeness of these through the pictures. I wonder how accurate the styrofoam base has to be to create such a realistic figure, it seems that the photos would do a lot to help your mind fill in the gaps.

Jessica Wolf said...

I think these sculptures are totally amazing. I love the idea of taking a 2D photograph and collaging it to create a 3-dimensional sculpture! I thin kthe photos give the sculpture a very different and interesting look as compared to a painted realisic sculpture. I'd love to get close to one of these and see it from all angles.